Strategies and Tactics

A Strategy is an idea. A Tactic is how you implement that idea. For example, Marketing to My Past Client Database is a Strategy. Sending birthday cards to my past clients is a tactic that implements that strategy of marketing to past clients. Annual Past Client Mortgage Reviews would be another Tactic.


Idea, Vision & Plan to accomplish specific Goal. Related to Future.

  1. Done Above Your Shoulders [Thinking]
  2. Doesn’t Change Much – Constant
  3. Broad Ideas
  4. Answers “How Do I meet my Goals?”
  5. Difficult to measure/evaluate/track
  6. You are the Queen Bee when strategizing
  7. Strategy without Tactics is paralysis before Failure


The Science of Implementing the Strategy. Related-to-Now. Tools & Tasks.

  1. Done Below Your Shoulders [typing, emailing, texting, calling, visiting, public speaking, sending, meeting etc.]
  2. Can Change often based on Results.
  3. Specific Details & Actionable Granular Items
  4. Answers “How do I implement my Strategy?”
  5. Simple to measure/evaluate/track
  6. You are the Worker Bee when Tactical
  7. Tactics without Strategy is Noise before Failure.

Examples of Strategy vs Tactics

Strategy 1:

  • Market to my Past Client Database

Tactic 1:

  • Send Birthday Cards or Emails to Database

Strategy 2:

  • Become the VA Expert in Sacramento

Tactic 2:

  • Hold 12 VA Loan Lunch-N-Learns this year in Sacramento and surrounding areas
  • Post 12 Automated Webinars on VA loans and market them to 500 Realtors in 3 Counties via Social Media
  • Post 4 VA testimonial videos per month
  • Create Private VA-related Facebook Group and invite 500 Agents in Sacramento area.

Strategy 3:

  • Help Realtors Tap into their Past client and Lead Database

Tactic 3:

  • Teach small Group of Agents how to use Phoneburner
  • Teach small Group of Agents how to maximize their CRM